Over the top tart

Inspired by the movie Julie and Julia, I have been adding new recipes to my repertoire.  This tart tatin last night was amazing.  It was so pretty, I almost didn’t want to eat it.  But we did.  And it was good.  Years ago my parents gave me a hardback version of The Way to Cook.  I had old bookmarks scattered throughout it but had not used it for years.  Now I refer to it almost daily and find something delicious to make and eat.

So today I have to go out and cross-country ski to work off the calories.  It’s a balmy 20F with some fresh new snow.

On the knitting front, the little Aran cardigan from my hand-spun is coming along.  I have a picture of a sweater that Tim’s mom had made for his sons and am using that as a guide.  Here’s the work in progress. I’ll post photos of the two side by side at some point.  I’m really enjoying working with my yarn and can only hope it stands up to the test of time- and that my gauge is right and it will fit someone. I’m using my mother’s old knitting needles, Tim’s mother’s design and I really feel connected to the older generation.

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