Lions and tigers and bears…oh my!

Well not exactly but wolves and coyotes and fishers.   On Tuesday, our neighbor spotted a wolf down the road.  He followed tracks towards our house.  We’ve seen and heard coyotes and Tim saw a fisher.  Despite it’s name, it doesn’t eat fish but does eat cats.  So the cats have become home bodies. I followed coyote tracks a few weeks ago and then wondered how wise it would be to come upon a bunch of coyotes on my own.

We found an old logging trail into town yesterday and imagine  we saw moose tracks.  Whatever they were, they were big and round.  We’ve seen plenty of coyote tracks.

We thought we were on an old logging road, but there was actually someone logging in the woods, one person with a chainsaw and heavy equipment.  His wood pile was bigger than mine.

We had to ford the mighty Boquet where two bridges were washed out when a beaver dam broke this fall.  It looked like the water may have risen 20 feet or so.

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