Wild and weird

Summer ticks away. The garden is nourishing us. Today we had pizza with home grown tomatoes, purple basil and oregano (thank you Janice).

Sunflowers were planted for dyeing but they are too pretty to behead just now.


I’ve been experimenting with my top load updraft gasification stove for cooking dyestuff outside. With my newest rendition, I boiled water in 6 minutes and had jets of gas burning across the top but won’t be able to sustain a flame for an hour. The “top loading” is the problem. You load sticks from the top, which means you have to keep lifting the large stock pot to add more fuel. Nope.


It did satisfy my pyro tendencies for a day however. Now I’m planning a cinder block rocket stove. There are lots of metal varieties but I don’t weld or snip metal very well.

I had to tell this American Carrion beetle, “I’m not dead yet!” It was marching across my front porch while I worked outside.

They don’t usually have “tails”. Not sure what was coming out the back door but it was icky.

Spiders, coyotes and turkeys are up to shenanigans. The coyotes are becoming too bold; hanging around in broad daylight. Today Tim counted 33 turkeys cross the yard and I encountered this spider web down the road.



Going Wild in Puerto Rico

This looked like some sort of fruit pod we noticed while we were taking a leisurely walk to the lighthouse on Culberita except it was moving. On close inspection, it turned out to be a hermit crab in a bright green shell. There were hermit crabs of all sizes around us. They actually made noise, rustling on the forest floor. Tim picked up a large one and let out quite a scream when it nipped him. I think that one was the size of a lobster.

Crazy cacti

A side trip on our way back from the lighthouse revealed these cacti. They were big, beautiful and dangerous.

From our room in the rainforest, we saw this bird and a few friends cavorting outside our window. There was a lot of hubbub and one bird was stripping the strands of palm leaves for building material. Amazingly there were very few insects and we were able to sleep with the door open.

Tree lizard