We are at our peak

Me and the foliage. The fall colors are at their peak. So am I, both in psyche and in weight, but today is day 2 of a very successful diet. Maybe I can create a blog about foods I didn’t eat! No more bread, cinnamon rolls or cookies for me or Tim. Tonight we had an apple for dessert. It was a luscious Macoun, regarded by many to be the most delicious eating apple and I agree. The hills don’t need to make any sacrifices for their beauty however.

Fall colors

Colorful hills

Marcy field

striped hills

6 thoughts on “We are at our peak

    • i’m confused Tim, i always understood if the word started with a vowel (apple) than the word was “an” and if it started with a consonant? than it was “a”??? i’m 56 and was wrong this whole time???


  1. et en francais, “le or la” pomme, et “l” ‘apple (for lack of a french word starting with a vowel , cause it’s been so long)


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