Summer fleece revisited

Are you interested in raw fleece, spinning, knitting or family values?  This sounds like a Jehovah’s witness intro at the front door.  If you are, keep reading, if not, talk amongst yourselves.

Way back in the summer, I received the generous gift of pounds of fleece, Romney, Corriedale, I’m not sure, from Tim’s brother and sister-in-law, Gary and Pam.  We were living off the grid, with no hot water or bathtub at the time.  For about a week I combed the locks and washed them in a spackle bucket with liquid joy.  Then dried them on a towel, to the cat’s delight because it was the softest place to sleep in the lighthouse keeper’s cottage.  Well now I’ve spun and plied a few hundred yards and have started the first of several great-niece and nephew sweaters to return to the farm.

Spun, plied and wound on niddy noddy

I test knit a few swatches and have plans in mind for an aran cardigan and some kool-aid dyed colorful sweaters.  Now I have a regular production line going. Knit some finished yarn while I keep carding and spinning the washed fleece.  Once I have another large batch, I’ll start dying with Kool-Aid.  Where does the time go?

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