Another beautiful sunset and dinner on the jetty

I don’t know if I like nice or bad weather better. Nice weather is nice. Bad weather is dramatic. We are enjoying nice weather and a group of kayakers arrived in the early afternoon. They are on a fundraiser to clean up the beaches of the islands in the Bass Strait and the event is called Clean Across Bass Strait. They spend time at each of the islands cleaning debris off the beach. They have mostly found debris off ships, recreational visitors are pretty tidy. I saw them pull in and then they walked up to the house and even walked up to the lighthouse before picking up a bag of debris along the rocks of east cove.


I was in the middle of my encounter with the giant sea creature. I boiled water in a very tall stock pot and put him in. There was some thrashing about and I had to hold the lid on. Pretty horrible. Tim had already vacated the premises. Things settled down and it cooked up beautifully. I chilled it then got a ton of meat from the tail and claws and we ate it with a dipping sauce of tomato sauce, worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, red pepper and milk taken from the Lighthouse Cookbook.

P2240127.JPG P2240129.JPG


We had a nice dinner on the jetty with the kayakers with stimulating conversation. Several had spent some time either visiting or living in the United States or Canada, in beautiful places: Vermont; Whistler, BC; Aspen, CO and Marin County.

We are all moved by the beauty of Deal Island and the Kent Group. It is awe inspiring to approach from the sea with the soaring cliffs, bright orange lichen covered rocks and aquamarine water. It was also heartwarming to see everyone individually walk up the hill to the new bench to get a good phone signal and call family and friends.


Another beautiful sunset.jpg


5 thoughts on “Another beautiful sunset and dinner on the jetty

  1. That’s such a yummy looking cray! (for some reason we call southern rock lobsters ‘crayfish’)

    I think it’s very brave of those kayakers to cross Bass Strait, I’d never attempt it!


    • Hi Jen, I’ve been reading your posts about quilting because I am just getting into it. I made a quilt for our new house before we left. I found a used Singer Featherweight because my other machine is a rotary National and I couldn’t get a walking? attachment to machine quilt. There are times I have wanted to zigzag and now I see I can get attachments!!! Opens up a whole new world.

      Your quilts are beautiful. I really enjoy the process and finished products. My daughter doesn’t want any more knitted items at the moment but will always accept a quilt. I look forward to doing that again when I get home. There’s a beautiful, creative quilting community in Australia. It was during my trip here last year with my daughter that I decided to try quilting after we attended a show.

      My next step is to forget about deadlines and handquilt. I think I will always machine piece but love the look of a handquilted design.

      Your kids are beautiful! Cheers, Lynne


      • Thanks Lynne! Wow, a used Featherweight – they’re hard to come by. I found mine on Ebay and then my husband gave me the buttonhole attachment, it’s amazingly huge and I’ve been too scared to try it yet!

        I love to hand quilt too, and have a couple that have been on the go for a few years now. I must make some time to finish them off. It’s very therapeutic, I’m sure you’ll love it.


    • They’re headed to the northeast coast of Tasmania in a couple of days! Yesterday a couple of jet skis stopped by. What’s next? Swimmers?


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