Take a hike

Tim nearly dragged me out of the house today to take a hike. I’ve been down with a cold and my exercise plan has gone to pot – for now at least. 

All’s good though. I finished last minute Christmas gifts and shipped a wedding gift. It’s a tartan throw I wove. The plaid was from a wedding dress from 1766 in Scotland. 


 I’m pleased with it. I hope the bride to be is too. 

We snowshoed next door and saw evidence of a piliated woodpecker


Some little critters that live in a hole in the snow

And people who build rock cairns


Except for a small meltdown by me, a good time was had by all (Tim).

6 thoughts on “Take a hike

  1. That throw is absolutely wonderful. I know nothing about weaving and had no idea that such a thing could be made outside a manufacturer unless you were in some remote village that specialised in weaving, talk about naive me, i just see things like that as beyond me. Well done.
    Your comfort zone would be massive compared to mine, so it must have been some push!


    • Well, I do live in a remote village but…
      Our hike was really a walk next door, but we returned a steeper and icier route, with a stream crossing, I wasn’t happy with. I don’t rock hop well.


      • Me neither used to pride myself on being part mountain goat, now as i get older I’m useless, it would be first step on the rock,msecond in the water, ice or no ice!!!


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