Back to island life

We left home at 0800, passed a stray cow on the road at 8:15 ( the farmer didn’t seem to mind), boarded a ferry, drove through mist, fog, heavy rain and light rain. The leaves in northern VT were beautiful.

We got close to the final boat ride and it was raining steadily (but the wind wasn’t too bad). I have to admit I thought the Holiday Inn in Bath looked pretty attractive at that point, but figured it’s always a minor hassle moving to the island, it would probably be more pleasant in nice weather but a little rain wasn’t really a problem. Besides, Capt. Ethan assured us it would be sunny on the island and he was right. So we donned our foulies, put our stuff in garbage bags and Away we went.

And he was right. I even saw a rainbow wannabe. It was more like a prism on the horizon because it was truncated by the low cloud ceiling.

By 5 pm, we were ashore and our food was in the refrigerator. So we had plenty of time to admire all the work which has been done since our last visit and to settle in to island life again.

We’re settled in and the wind picked up and blew all night from the Sou’west. Perfect lighthouse weather!


3 thoughts on “Back to island life

  1. We saw many lighthouses in Nova Scotia in the rain and fog before it occurred to us that, were it not for these sorts of foul weather, all those lighthouses would not exist. So lets hear it for foul weather.


  2. Yeah you! And glad to hear Capt. Ethan is still doing his thing! If you remember my Allison, she is now teaching high school in the South Bronx. Truly a world away from Seguin. Have a great stay… and may the wind be at your back…


    • Aren’t we the luckiest. Congratulations. Your daughter is doing wonderful work. Hi to Flo and Vito. Are you looking for that place in Maine yet?


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