Morning View

Nice to wake up to this morning.  On land, I don’t care if the morning sky is violet, pink or bright red!  We’ve had some snow and have been cranking the wood burning stove to keep toasty.  I chopped a pile of wood and it’s still fun.  Very satisfying when the log splits on the first try and both pieces go flying.  I’m going to spin a positive light here so all the kids will be happy to chop wood when they arrive.

First Warped Loom

I followed Ashford’s instructions that came with the wheel and found it very easy to warp the loom by myself.  I was amazed how fast the work progressed and already have a sampler scarf.  More fiber fun.  Today I’m going to a quilting meeting to get started on my new bedspread.

2 thoughts on “Morning View

  1. Nice view! (And Shirley’s certainly looking majestic!)

    Dear old Dad wouldn’t let me chop wood when I was a kid, so I’m just going to assume that rule is still in place.


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