Look what followed me home today

In the trunk of my car. Wonder how it got there?!

Just when I decided to part with my 1951 rotary sewing machine and replace it with a treadle machine, a treadle machine was listed on Craigslist. Sadly it was for sale in a town in Vt, an hour and a half away, that I had been in yesterday! Alas it was still meant to be.

I saw two pictures and only asked if the needle moves up and down. It does. So away I went.

Although a little dusty, it sews beautifully. All the parts move smoothly and I only have to replace the belt, which is under $10. It was made in 1910 and is known as the “Red Eye” because of its ornate decals.


It included lots of useful accessories; my favorite is this cute little oil can.


The best think is it only cost $50. Bring on the power outage!

6 thoughts on “Look what followed me home today

  1. AND, Tim is captaining a boat on Lake George. Part of the narrative is pointing out the summer home of Isaiah Singer. I told the crowd today how excited Lynne was to hear about that and wondered aloud how many sewing machines she owns. Five, I think.


  2. I am giddy with delight for you. I have the same model, but mine is not quite as old. You got a better deal though. My main problem is I don’t know how to get mine going.


    • Me too! The belt is in the mail. Are you having a treadling issue? I read it helps if one foot is forward and the other is back. For me, it feels like spinning.


  3. Seeing the ” red eye” took me back to my grandma’s house. She and my great grandmother both had a treadle by Singer. One was as decorative as yours. Neither of them ever used an electric and they were always sitting sewing away when they were not quilting, gardening or cooking. Grandma lived to be 94 and great grandma lived to be 99 and 11 months. That is a lot of years of sewing. Somewhere I have a picture of Grandma sewing, I will try and dig it out to see if the sewing machine is visible. Thanks for the fond memories!


  4. I sewed all my clothes in high school on my grandmother’s old Singer treadle. You just have to get the rhythm going, or you break the thread 😦 I still have the machine, but haven’t used it in decades. The casing has those same beautiful drawers. Enjoy, enjoy!

    Oh, and btw, it has just been announced that the Cedar Point Lighthouse here in EH will be restored as a B&B! Great article in last week’s East Hampton Star; let me know if you’d be interested in a copy of the article.

    – R


    • Thanks Ruth,
      I found the article and am happy to see it will be restored. Long Island has been a little slower than Maine in these efforts but the Lloyd harbor lighthouse is finally looking good too. You should get your name on a list as a keeper post-retirement!

      I’m looking forward to sewing with my new machine. These days, I rely heavily on my husqvarna but am about to finish a quilt with my featherweight.

      Hope you are enjoying some free time on the beautiful east end.


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