Change of my pace

It takes a month to settle in and get to know and remember this place and its rhythms. Visitors have been few. We had a gale for a few days, which slowed the pace of visitors arriving, while those already here stayed put. When the weather calmed, we received the next wave of visitors (one boat) as the sailors island hop their way back north to the mainland. We walk or run one of the seven primary trails on the island, which end at beaches, every day. Then we sit and watch the water. We don’t buy ANYTHING! So nice to be removed from consumerism. The fact that the internet is terrible, usually nonexistent, is mostly a blessing in disguise; unless you really want to get in touch with someone. In a real emergency, we have an EPIRB.

The Cape Barren geese run past our bedroom window in the middle of the night and make all sorts of noise. Tim has constructed a little barrier to keep them away from the water tank and it may have helped. There seems to be quite a rigid social order among them. I watched a family arrive at Garden Cove the other day and the parents weren’t satisfied until they had completely banished another pair from the beach. One day, a goose plopped itself in their water basin and sat there while what appeared to be her ladies in waiting, groomed her. She would get up periodically and shake out her feathers. I don’t even know if it was a female but I get to imagine. Each night, a brush tail possum saunters by our sunroom, where there is usually at least one skink sneaking about. We’ve seen a pod of dolphins in two of the coves repeatedly. Unfortunately, those little red jelly fish with long tentacles are back and Tim doesn’t like to swim with them.

Cooking and the garden continue to keep me busy. Mostly harvesting the garden, still with heaps of tomatoes, zucchinis and cucumbers. Green beans are finishing up. We still have several pumpkins, two patches of beets and carrots, arugula, lettuce and capsicum (peppers). I make yogurt, bread and ginger ale every few days. I am using the most primitive, backstrap loom to weave some beautiful bands, one of which is adorning my sun hat. Mostly I am enjoying this domestic bliss in an island paradise. Who wouldn’t?

4 thoughts on “Change of my pace

  1. Happy Birthday my most amazing best friend! Wishing you a wonderful year ahead (as if)? Love you and miss you 😘

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