It’s beginning to look a lot like….

We’ve had our first snowfall!   I got to use the new snow blower but it was really for my own benefit because early in the morning a neighbor came by with a truck to pack down the driveway and after I used the snow blower on the whole driveway (with a path to the “hottub”) another neighbor came by with a huge tractor and plowed the driveway clear.  I’m working on my refined technique. If you reverse over an area a second time, it packs it down better.
We get a local newspaper delivered and I saw this classified in the Lost and Found this A.M., “Found: framed picture in my car.  If lost, please call to describe and claim it.”   Sets the mind to wondering.  Does this person shuttle so many people around that they can’t call up and say, “Hey did you lose a pic in my car?”  Or a darker side of me thinks perhaps the person wants to hear the verbal description of the picture.  Hmmm.  OK so too much time on my hands.
Tim is out trying out couches.  We are sitting ducks in furniture stores once we start lying on and testing out couches.  We become a captive audience and I grow weary.   So since Tim found such a great house, he has authority to buy a couch too.  The excavator thinks we may have missed our window to set up the real hot tub where we want it so we may be soaking in the driveway this winter.  Hear those banjos?

Packed, snowblown and plowed

Looking North

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