Starry Night, in pairs

We’re getting ready for the holidays.  Storing wood, decorating the tree, which is huge.  I’m not sure we’ll get anything on the top.  Tim noticed some cool reflections through double paned windows.

My split wood, not bad eh?

We’ll let the tree get used to the house before we do anything else with it.  Cold today, wind chill minus teens, so I probably won’t be playing too much outside today.  Deer hunting season is over, I think, so we can put away our bright hats.

I’ve learned two new terms since we’ve been here in the North Country: Robodeer and deerjacking, both pretty serious stuff.  The robodeer is a decoy that is set up along the side of a road.  It’s used to catch hunters who see a deer on the side of the road while driving by and shoot them from the truck!  This is bad for a lot of reasons, one of the most important being that apparently a lot of people drive around with loaded firearms beside them.  Deerjackers can be caught with decoys or they may just be hunters using lights at night to stop deer in their tracks and have their way with them.  No night runs even out of season!


Reflections on Christmas

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