Time to fill a void

My big knitting project came off the needles this morning, an Aran sweater designed by Alice Starmore, Irish Moss. I love it and hope my daughter does too. I missed my self imposed Thanksgiving deadline, but made Christmas with time to spare.


Sewing it together went perfectly. The pieces matched up and my finishing technique has improved over the years. The shadows the cables create are wonderful and now my wrist has a chance to rest from all the twisted purls the pattern used.


Although it went pretty fast, I finished just in the nick of time. I have deferred lots of little projects and some weaving because I was so focused. Now I have created a void that beckons to be filled. Here’s a starter. Pirate hat, redux. The right size this time? Second time’s a charm.


9 thoughts on “Time to fill a void

  1. Hi, What a great job on the knits! I love doing cables as well and plan on trying more color work. Did you design the hat and also the reindeer ones? Love your blog.


  2. Anyway, Guess it is gone. Just wanted you to know your knitting is great. Am wondering if you designed your color work on the hat and also the rain deer ones? I want to attempt more color work this year. Cables have always been a favorite. Also are you on Ravelry? Best to you and happy knitting, spinning.


  3. Good grief. Magnificent sweater. I hope your holidays are filled with peaceful joy, in whatever form is meaningful to you, and lots of knitting time by the fire!!


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