It’s been real but…

We’re moving. To a house! Our plan hadn’t been to remain on the boat in the northeast for November. We were headed to the Bahamas and then the real estate market beckoned. DH found the dream home in the Adirondacks. If we continued on with our original plan, we wouldn’t have spent any time there until Spring 2011. So we changed course so to speak. We’ve hovered around our home port waiting for a closing date. It has been a beautiful crisp fall with the emphasis on crisp. While hiking yesterday – and taking advantage of free hot showers at my alma mater- we got the call that the closing date is set. We’ve become very efficient at paperwork first without a printer on the boat and now from only our cellphones. From the park, we contacted PODS, who won’t deliver to our new address, and arranged for our mover to get our stuff. We called the insurance company and got a binder faxed to two attorneys. And I think that is that. I’m looking forward to seeing the house for the first time. The kitchen has to be better than the boat’s galley and I hear the views are stupendous. And there aren’t any acupuncturists in the community at the moment. If I can warm up my needles, I’ll be set.

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