Deer whistles

My new deer whistles must be working.

The license plate was crumpled before I installed them. They are the two black things mounted on the bumper. One is “open” and the other is closed but I can’t hear anything. Perhaps the deer can because none have jumped out at me on the road since I installed them.

The one big problem is they make me drive faster. I am (perhaps falsely) confident I won’t see any deer and that by driving faster, the wind will flow through the whistles at a higher velocity and make them louder.

Oh yes. And apparently moose can’t hear them!


6 thoughts on “Deer whistles

  1. I’ve had them on my car for wallabies (they’re sold in Aus as “RooShoos” or some similar word play 😉
    I, too, felt like they worked! But maybe it was the time of year when the wallas weren’t that active anyway 😉


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