Betwixt and between

We’re in limbo at the moment.  Not quite nice enough to enjoy being on the boat and still waiting for a closing date on the house.  It’s hard to be in the moment when the nightime lows are predicted to be in the 30’s F.

We spent a couple of days at the Sand Hole in Caumsett Park.  The scenery was spectacular and we ran and enjoyed watching the boat traffic on the sound.  We were dismayed to see the signs that greeted us though. We’ve both enjoyed this anchorage for decades and were surprised to see a sign that said inlet not navigable.  We took it slowly and realized the sign was bogus to keep out….who?  The inlet sits within a state park but there are a few private homes nearby.    I ranted about New Yorkers last time but it flies in the face of the hospitality we have enjoyed elsewhere.  People have given us moorings, showers, lent us their car.  And then when we return to our own backyard we are met with this.

We spent yesterday at the Norwalk Aquarium.  The highlight for me was seeing a set of twins at one of the tanks.  They must have been about 3 years old.  One exclaimed when she saw the tank ,  “Oh anemones!! ”  I’m not sure I can even spell that.  Then she pointed out the clown fish in the tank.  Her sister looked into the tank and said, “Soap!”

We sailed back to Setauket last night.  It always starts as a great idea, full moon, fair wind.  By the time we arrived at Port Jefferson, after passing a barge, ghost sailboat and ferry, the wind picked up, the waves were crashing and the moon disappeared.  It goes to show you it’s always something.

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