Mountain golf

Cooper pre golf

The temperature reached the 70’s, most of the snow is melted and a few of the local golf courses have opened. Cooper came to visit and we went golfing. It was terrifying and loads of fun.   The course was so hilly, I thought I was going to die in a golf cart disaster. There were steep hills, banked curves and lots of slurry. We were fishtailing, spinning wheels and careening.  Golf balls got sucked into the wet turf, fairway shots resulted in mud slinging and we got a tan.

What fun.  This picture doesn’t come close to showing the steepness of the downhill.

While our ground thumpers are keeping the moles away, we spotted a gopher yesterday. Shirley and Cooper both investigated but quickly lost interest.

We toured the Magic Hat brewery, sampled the wares and brought some beer home.

Magic hat tower


Cooper squared

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