The first cut is the deepest

Well not exactly but the first cut of the 577 foot ditch needed to bury our power lines in was significant. We rented heavy equipment and used a lot of elbow and back grease. A bulldozer(?) was delivered and Tim’s brother arrived to operate it. We had to watch out for various hazards: an underground spring’s pipe, steep grades and a lost mole.

The first bite

The plan was simple, dig the ditch, glue the almost 600 foot, 6-inch wide conduit pipes together and roll them into the ditch. Not so fast. Although the ground was sandy, without rocks, there was one area with a steep grade and we found another spring, without a stop valve, where water quickly filled the last 150 feet or so. As the youngest and weakest of the crew, I was sent to Plattsburgh to get the pump to empty our new swimming ditch. It worked wonders, the pipe was laid in a dry ditch and the views along the northway were lovely.

I understand why road crews always have a few workers standing around. Earth movers are mesmerizing. I found myself standing and watching when I could. But we only had 48 hours with the heavy equipment so there wasn’t much standing around. Our job was made much easier, or at least mine was, with the help of a friend.

Boys will be boys

Potential pipeline

Moving pictures

Pretty farm

I’m a little broken tonight but hope to be able to stand up straight tomorrow. Now we just have to wait for the power and phone companies to come, take the wires off the poles (I hope the bluebirds don’t miss the wires) and run the wire through the conduit.

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