Caumsett Fall

Well we did it.   We moved to the Adirondacks and we’re dealing with all the fun that comes with a move — where is the…?  After several lovely days anchored in the unnavigable waters of the Sand Hole at Caumsett State Park, we headed east to Setauket and Port Jefferson.  The night before we were to move off the boat, a gale moved in.  I didn’t sleep too well because I kept waking and chanting, “gale go away”.  it didn’t and there we were with the last of our stuff, 6 bags, and the two cat carriers.  The harbor was too rough to get ashore in our beloved port a boat and we had to be rescued by a sea tow launch.  Very embarrassing and a little unsafe.  We knew weather was coming and employed mystical thinking – bad idea.  But we made it ashore.
Is this a dried shark?

Water Tank

My Favorite Tree in the World

False advertising at Brad and Angelina’s

This could be the view from our front porch…but it’s not

This is

I took a real shower the night we moved in and didn’t have to think about water or electricity. I haven’t been able to put away my head lamp yet because we can’t find any of our lamps.  Photos of the house to follow.  I think the real reason the sellers moved was that they couldn’t get internet here.  People rely on satellite and it’s slower than dial up.  We have been using an ATT usb modem for years but we don’t have any coverage here.  Our Verizon cell phones have been working so yesterday we drove an hour to a Verizon store in Plattsburg and bought a MYFi.  Naturally it set up easily on my Mac.  But….DH has a Windows Vista computer and that took about 5 hours to set up.  It wouldn’t recognize the wifi broadband until I found new drivers for it.  What a pain.  I realized I am a Windows enabler.  Arghhhh.

Cats Looking for the boat

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