Cheering up

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere I go.  Especially since my everywhere includes the bedroom, where an amarylis is growing and the living dining area, where the tree is up and decorated and my little swirling candles and chimes are up.  Tim put the tree up and hung the lights then I tossed what I could from a relatively standing position.  I put together and cleaned my little angel chimes and am always amazed at how flimsy they are. Today I tried to find a replacement but apparently it’s difficult.  The original company went out of business when the market was flooded with cheap imitations from China and now supposedly the production has moved to Turkey, but I am dubious. They are very sweet because when the air heats up from the candle flames, the angels spin around and ring the brass bells.  I bought a much more substantial version this year from Germany made of wood.  But alas there’s no sound.  There are instead, choir angels who circle around a pipe organ and it is so authentic that the sheet music is actually a traditional carol.

We’re ahead of the game this year though because I went back and read what we were doing on the Winter Solstice last year.  We were on Deal Island and had just found our tree on a day when we also saw a double rainbow!  Then I started thinking about people we met last year and went to read about the Sydney – Hobart race, which begins on Boxing Day.  We met more racers from Victoria who participated in the Tassie Trio, and they many stopped by for a barbecue and good night’s sleep before heading home to Melbourne.

As an end note, sometime over the next couple of days, there will have been 20,000 page views of this blog!  Whodda thunk?

I finished my shopping and are waiting for final gifts to arrive.  Everything else has been wrapped and we are ready to celebrate.

One thought on “Cheering up

  1. We used to have one of those Swedish candle chimes growing up; I had forgotten… will have to look for it! I happened to see your “Books I Plan to Read”. Have read very good reviews of Cellist… And GGS is one of the best books I have ever read! Read it with a pen; you’ll want to mark it up!

    Hope your foot is healing well; enjoy the holidays up there in beautiful country!! – R


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