Outhouse bound

Outhouse outfit We’re in the middle of a four day storm.  Hurricane Ophelia is passing offshore tonight stirring up the wind and water.  There’s no way on or off the island for a few days, which is always interesting. It makes me just a little more cautious.  No power tools, careful walking the quarter mile or so (in full foul weather gear) to the outhouse and spend way too much time indoors.

At least I have several knitting projects underway and lots of food to cook. Yesterday I made a couple of loaves of bread, chile and chicken soup. Tonight I’ll bake an apple pie. What could be more cozy.

2 thoughts on “Outhouse bound

  1. outhouse in nice weather, ok. outhouse in foul weather, not so much fun. rainy here yesterday and some today also. had our first fire of the season today to take the chill off. enjoy!


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