Bush bashing

We went on an explore today and saw lots of new sites. What we didn’t see was the elusive pulpit rock.

This is not Pulpit Rock

But it is a beautiful outcropping of the island. We’ve been trying to find a rock off the tip of the island but can’t quite get to the right place. There’s a big hill in the way. We’ll get there yet. Today we walked a track and then made our way down a hill to get to Pegleg Beach, where we haven’t been before. I don’t think we found the best track but we got there. Pulpit rock will have to wait for another day.


We saw Northeast Rock with one of the lights that replaced Deal Island’s light when they extinguished it in the 1990’s.

I found lots of animals and people in the rocks spilled along the coast. It helps pass the time while I slowly make my way across the rocks, any one of which could be an ankle or hip breaker or a widower maker.

Masked man Tim through the rock

Masked Man Tim through the rock

Old man in the sea

Old man in the sea


Daffy Rock

Caught between

Caught between a rock and hard place

Oh noooooo!

This seaweed reminded me of Gumby and Mr. Bill

I spent the afternoon in the garden and then we walked up to the lighthouse to close it up for the day. We got there around sunset and there was a mist floating under us. Very cool. While there we found remnants of the old whim near the grave marker. Quite a day.

Above the mist Lighthouse and grave

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