Holiday happenings

We’ve had a dusting of snow most days and enjoyed the holidays with family and friends. Visitors boosted my recovery and I knit a toasty cast cozy in mohair to match my candy cane cast. I’m getting about fine on one level in the house. There’s been ice outdoors so yesterday my son carried me, fireman style, from the parking lot to the pub! It was quite a site, especially since we had to go up a flight of stairs.

Cast cozy

We built this sweet little gingerbread house but found the small colored candies to be lethal. Tim will need a little dental work after the holidays.

Delcious Gingerbread house

The exciting news of the day is the linemen have arrived to finalize the process of burying our power lines, which we began over two months ago. Might as well wait until its 17 degrees F outside to do it. Soon we’ll have unobstructed mountain views and hopefully ongoing electrical service.

Orange men

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