I like caregiving and caretaking better than care receiving

Why is that when you take care of people you are a giver but when you take care of islands and lighthouses you are a taker?  Maybe the answer lies in the question itself?  Anyway, I am tired of being a carereceiver.  I’ve been in a cast for a week and crutches are more limiting than I imagined.  First of all, I should have done upper body exercises in the months preceding the surgery to strengthen my arms for the real work of crutching.  And practice lots of deep knee bends on only one leg.  Surprisingly, my bad leg’s hamstrings hurt the first couple of days from raising my knee and carrying my foot around like a dead weight.

I get around on one level adequately but the real trick is eating!  Well not exactly eating but getting the food to where you would like to eat it.  We received casseroles from friends and neighbors but the real challenge is getting the food to the table.  I’ve managed to make tea in a thermos with a handle and get that to my perch but a plate of food is too tricky. So I either have to eat standing up in the kitchen or ask Tim to cater to me.  And unfortunately, I’m still like a two year old–I want to do it myself.

But I am being very productive.  I shipped off my mittens and a hat yesterday, finished a pair of clogs that I plan on letting the recipient felt and am now well into another hat, a pair of legwarmers and mittens and ordered wool for an Aran sweater for my son.  Can you say, “bouncing off the walls”?

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