Full house

It took a while to attract the goldfinches this year to our feeders.  We had chickadees, one of which ate directly from Tim’s hand, nuthatches, blue jays of course and squirrels, including a big fat grey one.  Well they’re back, in a flock.  Yesterday there was no more room at the feeders.

I’m working to keep warm.  I put this string quilt on hold while I struggled to learn how to use my knitting machine(s).  Now it’s time to finish it for the cabin.  The fabric is all homespun and I made it entirely on my Singer treadle sewing machine.  It may have even been considered exercise.


I know I’m human because of course I’ve erred but perhaps only I will know. The process was pretty simple.  Sew a lot of strips on a square piece of fabric, then clean it up.

Elli was fundamental in helping me plan the layout.  Now to add borders and layer it with wool batting.  It will weigh a ton and should be toasty.  I could have used it last night.  It was blustery cold and very windy.  We took our evening soak in the hot tub with a wind chill of 9 degrees f.  It was so windy, my robe blew right off the coat rack.  Happily Tim retrieved it for me.  But when I went to put my shoes on, I saw they had blown right down the hill on top of dear, departed Shirley’s ( my feline companion of 18 years) grave.  I had to tromp in the snow in my bare feet to retrieve them and say hello to Shirley.  Brrrrrr. A hot shower and wool clogs helped.

2 thoughts on “Full house

  1. Your quilt is beautiful. I’m trying to wrap my midwestern head around your experience in the hot tub, though. I take it the hot tub is outside and you actually got in it with the temps and windchill so cold, right? Oh my. You ARE a hardy soul! It’s been a little colder than that here for the past few days and I’m finding it hard to get very far away from the wood stove, let alone go outside and submerse myself in water.


    • Thank you. The hot tub is about 50 yards from the house. The walk to it is dreadful in the cold but the walk back is much easier once you’ve been soaking at 103 degrees f.


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