Summer flies

Our first summer in the Adirondacks is whizzing by.  We never imagined there would be so much to do.  

In one week, we went to the horse races in Saratoga, where I came away only $4 lighter and Tim lost virtually hundreds (virtually because he never actually placed the bets). That night we heard Yo Yo Ma play with the Philadelphia Orchestra.  Elton John will be there in a few weeks. 

We’ve kayaked in Saranac Lake where we wnt through the upper locks, built in the 1800’s.  It is a small  lock and is opened and closed by hand.  I went to two county fairs and saw a car rollover competition, which was fun until someone actually got injured; pig races, sheep competitions; wallabies(?), which didn’t behave much differently in captivity than they did on Deal Island; saw beautiful knitting, woven designs and quilts and got to spin yarn (merino, silk) with the spinners.

We’ve had visitors and went visiting.  I’ve crewed on the Friendship a few times, where Tim likes to say I am his mate on and off the boat. (Which is better than saying he is always the Captain.)  I am getting braver about walking on the wire cable to raise the foresail.Frienship bowsprit
This weekend we will be camping in the High Peaks.  The only problem with summer is it is way too short.

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