Spell check leads to more poetic reporting

We only can have one paper delivered to our home.  Tim really likes taking the walk to the end of the driveway to get the paper and the act of turning the newspaper’s pages.  I know I am guilty of not always being the best proofreader myself, but we find some strange pleasure in finding the errors.  I read an uplifting article today, in contrast to the many downers, and did a double take.  The article described how a man’s life was saved because off-duty nurses responded to him in the hospital’s parking lot, where he was having a heart attack.  One felt for his carotid and the other for his ephemeral pulse.  Wait, what? A pulse which lasts for a very short time?  A fleeting pulse.  The term creates an interesting image,  much better than femoral: a few large arteries in the thigh.

All is well though because he had blockage removed, a few stints placed and is recovering at home.  A stint could put an end to it. A stint could limit something or reflect time spent.   A heart stent is just a pipe.  Even my wordpress spell check isn’t happy with the word stent and there’s an ehow article online dealing entirely with heart stints!

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