Backyard backcountry

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We had a chance to caretake in our backyard, almost.  We spent last weekend as volunteer hosts at Johns Brook Lodge, three and a half miles into the woods.  We had a huge tent on a platform, near trees carved with bear scratches.  Someone said they scratch trees to mark their maximum height to gauge their prey?  or to see who is the biggest bear around?  I wanted to get a ladder and make my own marks way up high.

I now have 3 and 2/3 “46’s” under my belt.  46 mountains in the High Peaks region thought, when they were originally selected, to be over 4000 feet high.  To make up that 1/3, when I thought the view was just fine from below the summit, I’ll have to hike the whole hill again. So only 43 left to go!  The weather was mostly fine, the water, crisp and clear and the food at Johns Brook Lodge, abundant and delicious.

Back at the ranch, I ate half our apple crop!

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