Feeling chuffed

Tim upped his game to get out of work. He heard there was a storm coming so went cross country skiing, had a freak accident and broke 3 vertebrae, fractured his skull and paralyzed one vocal cord. End result, he can’t snow blow or shout. Lucky me. In all seriousness, I am happy and lucky he is alive and up and about.

But enough of that. Another storm came through. As the snow lightened, I fired up the snow blower. I cleared the driveway, the mountain the snow plow created at the end of the driveway, and the path to the cabin. When I was as far as I could be from home, the drive train stopped working. At least I was finished but I fretted. I went to bed watching videos of snow blower repairs. I had to rebuild the drive train a few years ago after someone who won’t be mentioned replaced a shear pin with a bolt. But I forgot everything I had learned for that repair.

So after lunch, when the temperature rose to the low 20’s, I headed back to the cabin with tools and shear pins in a bag. It’s not easy doing small engine repair in the cold and I have the gloves to prove it.

Anyhow, when I finally got the cover off all looked well and I couldn’t find a shear pin. Then I started doubting my repair. Nothing in the Snapper manual described a shear pin as a cause for no power, they only mentioned belts, cables and discs. But then, while spinning the axle, I saw it, an empty hole on the shaft just begging for a shear pin. The repair was easier than putting the plate back over the gears with gloves and the wrong tools but I started her up and drove off into the sunshine.

When I got home, all Tim could say was that I looked a mess and had grease on my face. Reminds me of my granddaughter’s favorite book, The Paper Bag Princess. Needless to say, I did not call him a bum.

The birds are fed, the wood box is full and I finally could get back to knitting. I made two pairs of socks and a sweet earflap hat. Topped it off with a delicious one pot stroganoff in my instant pot. All is well.

8 thoughts on “Feeling chuffed

  1. Boy, somebody’s getting a lot of abuse while he is convalescing in pain. In my defense, I was snow blowing when said sheer pin broke—also up at the cabin, in the dark, below zero—with no replacement. That said, what would I do without her? She’s my hero and is taking good care of me except when I sneak out of the house and do stuff I shouldn’t be doing.


  2. I know it might not be in your DNA, but you could call and ask Jimmy for help when things like this happen. Very sorry to hear that Tim has hurt himself, glad that he is home and healing. You’ve got our number if you need it.


  3. Oh dear. Looks like you need to add a new pair of gloves to your list. You are amazing. Glad it all ended well – although TIm might not be happy yet.


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