I eat eggs benedict while beavers and fungus eat trees


I didn’t know dragon flies came in bi-plane varieties


I am not sure if he had it before, but Tim’s recent fascination with log construction extends to logs cut and used by beavers. We’ve watched The best dam movie, about beavers, and visited his favorite beaver dam on route 73, more than once. It’s right on the road and has defied man’s attempts to stop it, dammit.


In the meantime, fluorescent fungi take a slow approach.


I was under the weather the other day and it was hot out so I sat in our cave-like basement and watched cooking shows. Cooking as a competitive event takes the fun out of it. Except of course when a contestant wanted to sample something he was making in the blender while it was blending. You get the picture.

One show’s final challenge was eggs benedict in 20 minutes. I decided to give it a try since I had made a fresh batch of english muffins. I pulled out my good old Julia Child cookbook and away I went. The canadian bacon turned out perfectly and I lost a few pounds whisking eggs when the temperature was 90 degrees.

Then I decided, Elizabeth Zimmermann is to knitting as Julia Child is to cooking. That’s why I am a fan of both.

One thought on “I eat eggs benedict while beavers and fungus eat trees

  1. A beaver cut that tree down? Wow! I’ve seen beaver dams on telly but I didn’t know they could do that much!

    I think I’d have to agree with you about the Elizabeth Zimmermann/Julia Child comparison. 🙂


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