I may be lazy but the beavers are not


After a wet start, the summer has been beautiful. I’ve enjoyed a few hikes and bicycle rides, not nearly as many as I should but I’m working on this quilt…and working and even got to crew a couple of days on the Friendship Schooner, Whistling Man, with Tim. He got a big kick telling people I was his mate on and off the boat. I refrained from saying he was always my captain! We had nice wind the first day and dead calm the next. I had to enlist paying customers to help me raise the sails. Kids that came on the boat really only wanted to check out the head.



We spotted this porcupine lumbering in the woods when we went for a hike on a quest to find some beaver dams I had seen earlier in the spring. He wasn’t in a rush and didn’t even flinch when I whistled for Tim who had gone on ahead. He casually climbed this tree and perched there and watched us as we entered the woods.

I had a couple of non-believers when I kept saying I was sure I had seen the dams on the Beaver Flow trail. Wouldn’t you think? It turns out they are near the Beaver Flow trail but not exactly on it. We had to bushwack quite a bit along the flow to find their work after we made a phone call for better directions.

Finally we were rewarded with lots of evidence of beaver work and at least one broken and two functioning dams.


The fungi take over where the beaver left off.

IMG_0666.JPG IMG_0671.JPG  

These are the country roads we ride close to home. Luckily this was only uphill in one direction.


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