A mat, a hat and that’s that

In between closing the keeper’s quarters, burning burnables on the beach, closing the gift shop and baking the cinnamon (ginger bread cookie) buns, I made a rope mat and baby hat.
The rope mat is my third attempt and is almost a charm. I made my first, while we lived on our former sailboat. My second was at Five Finger Lighthouse and now, my third graces the outhouse. One design flaw, it’s too thick for the door to swing so it’s next to the door.
We figured out the window grate system. They are numbered 1-16, except 7 doesn’t exist. Of course!

There were strong winds again today, no visitors or crickets, so we walked both long trails today to get out to rocky points where the waves crashed on the rocks. I rearranged a little cairn and Tim released a million seeds from a cat tail.


Four reindeer hats are complete.

The lighthouse door latch is secure with another Prusik knot.

And the first Aldo Leopold bench we ever built watches over the glorious sunsets. Until next season…


3 thoughts on “A mat, a hat and that’s that

  1. Beautiful knitting, but are those reindeer doing what I think they are doing? Hee.
    Am enjoying your photos and blog and started following after hearing your interview with Kelly from Webs. I also see that you like a lot of the same type and titles of books as myself.
    Best to you and safe travels.
    Sharon Hobbs


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