Time for a knitting post

I’ve been writing about the beautiful sunsets, lobster fisherman, meals prepared.  Now it’s time to get down to knitting.  I’ve been busy since we arrived on the island but without electricity, there are only a few things to do at night.

I had the itch to make some baby clothes and made Mexicali, Mexicali sweater and hatwhich Liz plans to give to a friend, and a february type baby sweater CIMG0009.jpgfrom handspun alpaca for a former work colleague.

Now I am working on a trio of children’s sweaters for my friend Anne, who has a trio of beautiful daughters.  The first is an aran sweater designed by me in a yarn i bought for myself but then decided I would never wear. CIMG0136.jpg The second is picture knitting in a pullover.  CIMG0006.jpgi used the castle pattern from Barbara Walker’s second treasure and wool bam boo yarn, which I really liked.  The third, which is still just an idea in my head, will be a top down raglan with a slip stitch pattern from Barbara Walker.

So one left before Labor Day. Then I have to start working on a quilt for Chelsea’s new apartment.

5 thoughts on “Time for a knitting post

  1. beautiful knitting! you are a real talent! I am so jealous. Of course i can say that about your sunsets and island life, too. When do you come down to earth and come home to the Adirondacks? I do enjoy your blog so very much.


    • Thanks Linda,
      I am going to be spending more time blogging and knitting than in the ADKs this year. Instead of coming home in September, we’ve been asked back to our favorite lighthouse in ME until Columbus Day. Then it’s a short time until we head to Tasmania. We’re having a great time and look forward to settling into the new house at some point!


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