Just chillin’


This frog says it all. We found him under our kayaks when we took a trip a few weeks ago. He hung out for a few hours and then was gone. We are enjoying our first summer in our new home and enjoying the local customs. We found several swimming holes and also get to watch teen boys jumping from high heights to land in the rivers.

Yesterday we went to a parade. All the town’s firetrucks and  autobody(?) trucks were on display along with bagpipers, veterans and a high school class of ’76 reunion. The one thing I don’t get is the practice of throwing candy on the street.  Perhaps it avoids immediate injury but then the little kids pick it up off the ground, or scuttle under cars to recover candy. Sounds like a dangerous practice to instill, on so many levels. Boy am I getting old.

Here’s a knitting aside. I had planned to make Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Baby Surprise Jacket for years because it is a marvel in construction. I almost lost the faith along the way because I couldn’t believe my straight blob of knitting would become a neat little jacket. But I placed my trust in the simple pattern and it worked. This reminds me that I want to knit more of her patterns because they are always interesting to knit, if only for the whacky construction.


By simply knitting every row, adding a few increases and sewing two shoulder seams, this irregular piece of fabric became a cute little baby jacket.

I knit it with the remnants of yarn I had spun and dyed with Kool Aid. Now it’s been distributed to various grandnieces and nephews of the original sheep (owners).



Hard to believe.

We had many house guests recently and when we were wandering around looking for something to do, we found these crazy kids jumping off the ski jumps into pools and some sort of astro turf. The freestyle type jumpers were getting 35 feet into the air before landing in the pool with skis and ski boots on! The youngest we watched was 7 years old!!! I think this first shot is him and his brother jumping in tandem.

These “small” jumps are designed to give the skiers loft. We ventured off to the towers where the ski jumpers go for distance (just recall the “agony of defeat”) and watched them for a while until the beautiful blue skies and billowy clouds turned into a nasty storm and they had to turn off the chair lift that brought us to the top and evacuate us.

IMG_0494.JPG IMG_0517.JPG

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