Two trips to the lighthouse

Breather view of the lighthouse

Today we had a good workout. We walked the 2.5 kms to the lighthouse, including at least a 700 foot elevation gain, this morning, before breakfast, and opened it up to air it out. I think I will take a lot of photos from this vantage point because it is the first full view of the lighthouse on the walk up and it gives me a chance to catch my breath. The lighthouse is over 1000 feet above sea level.

We came back to the compound and mowed and weed whacked all day and now we are going back to the lighthouse this evening to catch the sunset and close it up. Our house is in a valley and blocked by hills so we haven’t seen the sunset yet. I’ve been spoiled by living in places where I could just poke my head out the door to enjoy a sunset.

We met the couple from the beautiful sailboat of yesterday. They were last here in 1993 and have sailed around the world a couple of times. They brought us chocolate and wine!!!

Here’ s the view of Dover and Erith Islands in the morning and evening. The compound, and our walk, is from the white buildings in the yellow-green meadow.

The old road

Pink skies over Dover and Erith Islands

Sunset at the lighthouse  Possum on the lighthouse trail

On the way back, we saw our first possum on the lighthouse trail. It was the first time we really spent some time outside at night. We stirred up some large birds who nest in the trees near the house. Maybe they are the brown hawks we see soaring over the East Cove. We saw a lot of bats flitting by in front of us and we saw the Milky Way and Southern Cross. Orion is upside down here!

One thought on “Two trips to the lighthouse

  1. A brushtail possum looks very different from the kind we’re used to. I saw the other kind on the Overland Track, complete with a baby on her back, doing one of my nocturnal walks.


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