Time to explore

It was still very windy and there were whitecaps blowing through the pass so we didn’t expect any visitors. We heard that 5 boats withdrew from the Sydney Hobart race due to weather related problems. We walked to Garden Cove on the north side of the island and tried to find a way to Pulpit Rock, off the eastern point. I’m not a big fan of bushwacking or walking on steep rocks but we gave it a try. We made it to a high point but didn’t make it to the rock today so we enjoyed a picnic lunch down by the water. There was a a large, ? 65 foot, sailboat rocking and rolling in the cove.

Sea Wolf at anchor, Garden Cove
Foot Fossil
I saw this fossil foot print on one of the rocks while I was trying to avoid breaking a hip. A reminder of those who walked here before us.

More carnage
Then we came upon these bones near the site of an old sealing settlement. There are cattle skulls and lots of wallaby bones around.
The remaining wallabies
Wallabies enjoying a better day.

One thought on “Time to explore

  1. thought of you two when i was out doing some after-Christmas shopping today…i saw a t-shirt in the “life is good” tshirt section today that summed you two up i think. it said “not everyone that wanders is lost”. i think that says it all. love all the news, your menus, and the pictures. very cold here today, got only a little snow while downstate was blasted. i’m sure we will get ours sometime….c


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