Visitors came and took a bath

They splashed around so much, we had to refill the bath.

Birds bathing and playing

There has been some weird bird activity. There were two groups of Cape Barren geese but we think one group has been banished away from the house and down to Garden Cove. We saw them there a couple of days ago when we walked to the cove. They wouldn’t move off the path in front of us. They just kept goose stepping faster and faster. Before they left, one goose would run after the others with wings spread but wouldn’t actually fly. They occasionally stray back and quickly get shooed away.

We were sitting in our favorite room, the sunroom, which is enclosed in glass on the side of the house when we both saw a hawk chasing a goose in mid-air. The hawk is one-quarter the size of the goose.

PC280082.JPGView from the sunroom, above. The caretaker’s house with the sunroom, below.

Caretaker's House, 1960's

The Sydney Hobart race continues although the larger boats have finished. So far 17 of the 88 boats dropped out and the weather has eased. We hope that some boats stop by and visit on their way from Tasmania back to Sydney.

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