Tomorrow, tomorrow

The wind blew all night and day, then the rains came and went. Now all is calm. The birds are happy and singing (actually they were happy and singing during the downpours) and we got word that the boat leaves shortly before 0500 tomorrow. After a month on the road, we are heading out!!! Yeah. If our internet works, you will hear from me, if not, have a Merry Christmas, and wonderful New Year. The best news is I met a spinner/knitter through Ravelry here and she found some fleece and combs for me to bring out to the island and work on in my spare time.  It’s really a very small world.

One thought on “Tomorrow, tomorrow

  1. Wonderful news!

    In case you don’t have internet, let me say that I love following you on your adventures. I certainly hope you will be able to share your new lighthouse experiences.

    Have a Merry Christmas!

    Yours in knitting,


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