Low flying rainbow

High pressure arrives

A cold, high pressure system blew the fog away today. The wind was dry and from the north, so Tim headed out to one trail to work and I went to another with our respective weed whackers, more delicately called whipper snippers in Australia. He had the good sense to get back to the house when a rain squall blew by. I saw it and thought it would just pass. Well it did pass but not before it soaked me and with cold, wind-driven rain and hail. Back at the house, I caught a rainbow in the storm’s wake, which had hardly any arch and was almost flat along the water.

Low flying rainbow

3 thoughts on “Low flying rainbow

  1. Your blog title brought to mind my son’s cyber name, low-flying cloud. I have no
    idea why he chose it but it always makes me think ‘fog’. Maybe I should ask some day.


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