Clear skies

The cove
It’s getting colder and windy weather is here to stay. I am glad our last few days here will be sunny and hope for calm seas when we leave.

Shirley waiting to hike
The cats enjoyed the chance to get outside and took several hikes with me. I am feeling a little bit of a traitor because as much as I love Seguin, I am getting excited about going home, seeing family and our next caretaking gig on Deal Island, Tasmania. My three month shopping list is in progress; can’t forget anything.

2 thoughts on “Clear skies

  1. Lynne, Wonderful visit! On the run, more later. Just hope this reaches you to say that if Dee’s daughter’s name is Lisa Richardson, she dropped her wallet by the rest rooms near the fort. I suggested that the lady who found it leave a note in Capt. Ethan’s truck to say that she would leave the wallet with the rangers. Sooo… the wallet should be with the rangers.

    Safe travel… stay in touch. Best, Ruth & Allison


    • Thanks Ruth. I am so glad you and Alison made it out to Seguin today and hope you get a chance to return. Thank you for the beautiful wool. I hope your half scone was good. Lisa is not here so I hope she finds it with the ranger.


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