Waiting, watching and…eating Tim Tams

Too windy today. Maybe tomorrow. So we wait and watch. We walked into town yesterday to reprovision. In the meantime, we watch the weather reports on the internet, listen to the wind outside, relight the water heater when it gets blown out, watch bad TV, play games and eat…and eat. Then plan our next meal.


Luckily Chelsea instructed me in the best way to eat Tim Tams. Amazing. They are oblong chocolate wafer cookies. You bite off diagonal corners then try to sip a warm beverage of your choice through it. Only a small amount will pass but the real goal is to melt the chocolate on the inside of the cookie.

DSCN0611.JPG The preperatory bites.

DSCN0612.JPGDrinking through the cookie.DSCN0613.JPG The molten, melted interior.

The sad part is they are all gone and it’s a 40 minute walk to town.

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