Tucked in

We’re finally in for some bad weather after a mostly glorious summer. I’m glad I caulked the window in the assistant keeper’s house and Tim and I got most of the storm windows up and working, Friday. We drove back from Tanglewood today, went shopping, bought food, wine, water and cat food and had a wet, bouncy boat ride back. I was decked out in poor man’s foul weather gear – a black garbage bag that worked great. But now we are tucked safely inside and well provisioned. Shirley is sleeping on my lap.


I have to prepare for our trip toTasmania, where we have to buy our three months food (and wine) once and have it shipped to the island to meet us. I hope to look at shopping lists of prior caretakers. I’ve been keeping track of how many pounds of flour, sugar, butter, eggs and milk we use. I don’t intend to eat as much meat, but will have plenty of pasta, rice and beans along. There’s a garden there, we’ve stocked up on powdered milk and I have a thermos to use when making yogurt on the stove. We may become the biggest losers!

Luci had to cancel her plans to visit us due to the weather and now I sort of hope it delivers what it promised – but is over in time for Tim and I to go the Red Sox game on Wednesday. We follow the weather daily. The earlier forecast had been for medium winds, then the storm was predicted and, with it, high seas, which is what really keeps us marooned here. We’ll see.


One thought on “Tucked in

  1. you two are incredible! Being an armchair traveler I crave your posts! Cant wait until you get to Tasmania, via Maine of course!

    yesterday we had a full day of rain… the good slow, sometimes moderate, kind. It is so dry we needed it desperately.

    Fall in the air here in the “Daks”. Cant wait.



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