The earth moved on our anniversary

We awakened to the sound of heavy equipment on our fifth wedding anniversary.  Wood is the traditional gift and I revealed to Tim that my gift to him was a new bridge.  OK not really wood but close enough.  Sadly the bridge has not been delivered yet but all the preliminary work was done yesterday including pouring four cement pilings for its support.  With a mere meter wide path remaining down the middle of the bridge approaches, what better time to decide to go canoeing, with the boat 1/2 mile  up the road.  The wheels worked fine on the trip out and the road crew was very accommodating, even offering to carry the canoe over the bridge.  I would have liked to take one of them with me for the portage!  But alas they wouldn’t fit in our new little canoe.

Paul Smith's campus

We left from Paul Smith’s College located on the Lower St. Regis Lake.  It was a perfect day and a lovely paddle, we took a loop through Spitfire Lake, past Rabbit Island where Dr. Trudeau conducted experiments on the effect of the environment on TB in rabbits, Upper St. Regis Lake, North Bay and then….the carry.  It started steeply with lots of roots and the wheels didn’t work as nicely as on our road and I was wishing for the road crew.  I wimped out and Tim ended up becoming a canoe head.  He had the canoe on his shoulders but he couldn’t see much and his voice sounded like he was in a tin can.  But it did the trick.  I was sure we were going to drift over the falls at the put-in and back paddled furiously, much to Tim’s amusement.  Along the way we heard several loons, lots of yapping little dogs, saw beautiful boathouses and camps, a heron fishing at the falls, oodles of mahogany lake boats and stately Adirondack gaff rigged sloops.  They are Idem sailboats designed specifically for the St. Regis Yacht Club in 1899 to race in light winds.

Adirondack sloop

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