A slideshow of the Overland Track and some random thoughts

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We’re back in town and moving from the Launceston Backpackers to a hotel for the night before we fly to Flinders Island tomorrow to begin the real journey. We’re looking forward to settling in for a few months and to be done with all this packing and unpacking. The hostel experience has been great though. There’s a huge commercial kitchen here and we’ve made all of our breakfasts and brought in and assembled dinners. There’s a fat cat named Fuji, who is spoken to in many languages and it’s interesting how many people reach out to him. That’s probably one of the reasons he weighs about 20 pounds.

I love checking out supermarkets in different countries and last night’s find was a special refrigerator section devoted to pet food. I couldn’t understand why there was a chicken and beef blend in a sausage but the picture of the cat on the package should have been a giveaway.

DSCN0450.JPG We avoided buying any. But right next door was game meat. Remember that cute wallaby in yesterday’s post. Well I found it in the supermarket.

DSCN0453.JPGWe had chicken.

I also puzzle over the language.

DSCN0319.JPG Car rental rates increase, the older the car? I guess it costs more to maintain an older car.

Some sky scenes from Overland Track.




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