Fat cats

We left Launceston today and finally flew to Flinders Island, our interim island. It’s beautiful. Large mountains on the southern end, nice beaches and a steady breeze. I think we’ll get used to the sound of wind blowing. We’re staying in a cabin with all the comforts, which is a nice change after three weeks of hotels and hostels. Yesterday I had a chance to photograph two of the fat cats we’ve met as well as some of the cars we have seen.

Cars don’t die here. There are Australian models of all the classics – except the AMC Pacers.


Fuji from the Launceston Backpackers, weighing in at about 20 pounds and doing his favorite activity. The locations change, sun when it’s cool and shade when it’s hot.


Fat Charlie, very talkative, also weighing in above 20 pounds.


Sweet Chevy like car.


This truck has a snorkel and some heavy duty communication gear for offroad, underwater travel.

We flew on a small plane but the flight was only 30 minutes. Before the flight, the pilots were doing practice runs on the runway??!!! I guess you have to learn sometime.


It was a beautiful day for flying. I saw the Bass Strait, where we will be located, for the first time from the air.



Parting shots of Launceston. We had to go the police station because Tim’s kindle was lost and stolen. It seems like it will be easy to find. Whoever tries to register it with Amazon will have to provide contact information and voila? right? Well even if it’s recovered, we won’t get it back until March. In the meantime, I’m guarding mine with my life.


Oh yes, and a sock knit on the Overland Track, waiting to be finished when I am reunited with my sewing needle.


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