The work before vacating

IMG_0848.JPGWe’re getting ready to head off for another adventure. Sounds exciting, right. Indeed it is, however, first I have to clean the refrigerator. And the house. We have a friend who will move in the day we vacate. He’ll take care of the house and our cat, Elli.  Things have to be tidy. Then it’s likely we’ll have to open and spruce up the house we move into on Protection Island, WA.



I spent about five days organizing the fiber projects to pack.  I settled on a cable sweater I am knitting for myself, a fair isle sweater (for me too), card weaving, pin loom weaving and a lace shawl. Throw in a few baby gifts and you can understand why I am leaving my violin home. I vacuum sealed the yarn the other night.

IMG_0833IMG_0834Today I spent the total of about an hour choosing the clothes I will wear for the next three months. I’ve got my priorities straight, plus I should have 2 new sweaters while I am away. Must remember a hat to protect me from guano. Then I organized the medicines and medical supplies we might need. Finally I packed our electronics. We are all set.


And away we go.



2 thoughts on “The work before vacating

  1. I wish she had reminded me there was a washing machine on the island–I wouldn’t have brought as many clothes. All her fiber took the place of more clothes, however, and it won’t take long to see her entire wardrobe. Maybe I’ll buy her some when we go ashore.


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