I better keep exercising


I had a chance to run this morning and chose the track to Winter Cove. We swam there a few days ago and it was lovely.

Here are some of my views along the way.



It literally took my breath away, largely by the beauty and partly by the uphill portions.

We’ve had lots of visitors since we landed. Eight artists from Flinders Island arrived the day after us and are staying in the visitors’ house. They have walked all over the island and plan to present a show on Flinders Island later this autumn. I’m sorry we’ll miss it.

There have been two groups of sea kayakers from Melbourne who left yesterday for Flinders Island. I hope they got an early start because we had wind gusts to 48 knots last night.

And a flotilla of motor boats with a total of 20 people spent the night. Not exactly a deserted island!

We are trying to swim most days before it gets too cold. What a treat.

Tim keeps me busy slaving away in the kitchen and garden. We’re stocked with fresh yogurt, homemade bread and there’s a barrel of stout fermenting away. The garden is providing tons of tomatoes and cucumbers are just coming in. I’m freezing tomato sauce, making tomato soup and prepared to make some pickles.

Today I made a batch of Anzac cookies from the Lighthouse Cookbook, which is a fundraiser for Friends of Deal Island. My daughter-in-law was sweet enough to order a copy for me before my first time here in 2010. You can find it here.
Anzac cookies are miraculous. They are an oat and flour cookie made without eggs and are held together with butter and golden syrup, which tastes like a combination of honey and light molasses. The cookies (biscuits) have been associated with the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps since World War I. The have a long shelf life but I’m not sure they will be around that long because they’re delicious.


3 thoughts on “I better keep exercising

  1. Anzac bikkies are a big favourite in our house, well I guess most Australian houses really! Tastes are divided though – those who prefer them chewy and those who prefer them crunchy. I’m in the chewy team (a way to make sure of this is to add a little bit more water than the 1tbs in the recipe). xo


  2. Lovely to know the ANZAC tradition lives on on Deal! Of course, you will be celebrating ANZAC Day on the island this trip – April 25.


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