Shopping list

I passed my board recertification exam with flying colors and my thoughts turned to the food list. I prepared it today, heard back from the market, and we are good to go.

Here it is.





I’m having trouble with the link to Google Drive. It seems to work if you download the document. Here is the butcher order on Google drive. Did I forget anything?

Now I’m winding 3000 yards of merino cobweb yarn into balls so I can knit a shawl so fine it will slip through a wedding ring.

3 thoughts on “Shopping list

  1. Am wondering,Lynne, how you get all those groceries to the island? Will you buy in New Z before going to the island? or do they get shipped ? I find it a bit mind boggling.


  2. Hi Sharon. I ordered all my groceries from a market on Flinders Island by email. Our food will travel with us on a boat from Flinders to Deal. It’s a challenge finding out what items are sold in AU and converting to the metric system.


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