But can it core a apple?

I am storing some of my daughter’s treasures until she gets her new apartment in Washington, DC. I was given permission to use the pineapple tool and don’t know how I managed to get this far without one. In general, I oppose one-purpose tools but will gladly make an exception for this one. It cores, slices, peels and leaves a wonderful pineapple shell behind.Pineapple  before


I wonder if she’ll miss it.

2 thoughts on “But can it core a apple?

  1. How cool is that! Having limited storage in my kitchen I don’t have many gagdets either, but I do have one of those apple peeler/slicer/corer thingies which I love.


  2. Lynne, Every little while I check your blog (it is still on my desktop). It always makes me laugh or think, or both. So glad to see you are still posting. I chuckle at your unique way of looking at the ordinary parts of life (Tim testing the blade on your arm,or whatever that was?!?) My daughter graduated from Bates 2 weeks ago, busy summer, then Columbia in the fall. Guess I’ll have to find another excuse to get back to Seguin.

    Check out Wool-aid on Rav if you want to get into some cyber-charitable-wool-knitting fun!

    Enjoy your summer!! Best, Ruth


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